Understanding PARCC Inside-and-Out (Gr 3-8)

Matching Close Reading and Thoughtful Instruction to the PARCC Assessment

This third Grades 3-8workshop will offer participants a clear and comprehensive analysis of exactly what kinds of readings, questions, writing tasks, and proficiencies PARCC is “made of.” We now have data from numerous years of testing to analyze and interpret in order to grasp the patterns that have emerged related to the kinds of questions and tasks “privileged” and preferred by PARCC. The test has been consistently constructed, with question and task-types repeating themselves frequently and methodically.

This workshop will investigate these PARCC patterns. Participants will analyze the types of questions and tasks that show up most frequently, as well as explore the task sample in order to intuit instructional priorities from them. Each prioritized task will be linked back to the Test Specifications originally released prior to the initial implementation of PARCC, so that participants can understand why tasks are developed the way they are and how likely it is that such tasks will be repeated in future tests. Participants will also be led through an extensive investigation of Close Reading, and the role it plays in addressing PARCC-like tasks and the acquisition of core proficiencies.

Participants will be trained in a careful sequence of analysis that they will be able to replicate in their own classrooms and schools. This analysis is focused on the emphasis PARCC places on;

  • Literary characterization and how authors use characters’ words and action to develop them
  • Literary theme and how authors use literary devices and other methods to develop those themes
  • Text structure
  • Synthesis of multiple texts (reading across texts)
  • Readers’ ability to analyze author’s craft

This workshop will also explore subset proficiencies such as identifying the central or main idea, and evaluating the strength of evidence being used to support a claim, for example. Participants will be trained in how to use this critical data to develop;

Participants will receive a Teacher Toolkit specifically aligned to the development of PARCC-authentic tasks, the creation of PARCC-specific assessments, and instructional materials to support struggling students with synthesizing complex texts, and writing responses across those texts. Participants will receive materials aligned with Close Reading lessons, as well as tools they can use to insert Close Reading routinely into their teaching. The critical take-away will be training in the patterned, non-negotiable tasks PARCC uses, as well as the instructional approaches best suited to ensure student mastery.

Grades 3-8 LAL Teachers, Tutors, Basic Skills Teachers. Special Education Teachers, Literacy Coaches, RTI Teachers or Administrators, Testing Coordinators and Administrators

Rene Schillinger, President, Schillinger Educational Consultants

9:00am – 3:00pm

Gran Centurions

440 Madison Hill Road
Clark, New Jersey 07066
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per workshop. Fee includes classroom-ready materials, continental breakfast, buffet lunch, and a certificate for 6 NJDOE PD hours.

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