PARCC-Aligned Curriculum (Gr 3-8)

Supporting Student achievement by Aligning Instruction with Curricular Frameworks

Our second workshop for Grades 3-8 educators will provide participants with a roadmap for how best to align the research-validated best practices in reading, writing, and word learning with any of the curriculum platforms currently being implemented in schools. Whether schools are adopting new curriculum frameworks, or hoping to augment and maximize the effectiveness of existing curricula, the bottom line is that no curriculum platform is perfect for preparing students for standardized testing.

This workshop will focus on providing participants with the non-negotiable instructional elements that MUST be embedded into any curriculum in order for that curriculum to effectively support student achievement on PARCC. Specifically, participants will be provided with strategies and resources for ensuring a balance in any curriculum framework between process writing (which is critical for teaching students the skills, strategies and proficiencies necessary to be successful on PARCC) and the on-demand, writing-to-sources that PARCC requires. Participants will also be provided with specific resources designed to support student achievement in writing to process their reading, which is the most-tested proficiency on PARCC.

Critically, participants will be trained in the architecture, format and structure of sample PARCC tasks. They will be provided with exemplary samples of how best to embed PARCC-like tasks into any curriculum platform in order to ensure that students are continuously practicing the most PARCC-specific proficiencies, while teachers gather data to inform their subsequent remediation and follow-up teaching. The key is to have students to prepare for the complexities of PARCC without having to set aside existing curricula (which can happen when there is a lack of alignment between curriculum platforms and the requirements of PARCC), and instead make the necessary “adjustments” to existing curricula to accommodate strategic, targeted, PARCC readiness.

Participants will leave this workshop with an articulated plan in place to implement either in their own classrooms, or more broadly at their schools or in their districts, designed to ensure that PARCC-preparation is thoughtful, intentional, continuous, and embedded “invisibly” in the curriculum platforms being implemented. Participants will be provided with a clear matrix of non-negotiable proficiencies that students must master to succeed on PARCC. Participants will receive a Teacher Toolkit of strategies, resources, and additional instructional materials designed to scaffold and support student acquisition of these non-negotiable proficiencies.

Grades 3-8 LAL Teachers, Tutors, Basic Skills Teachers. Special Education Teachers, Literacy Coaches, RTI Teachers or Administrators, Testing Coordinators and Administrators, Cross-Content Teachers (ex. Social Studies and Science)

Rene Schillinger, President, Schillinger Educational Consultants

9:00am – 3:00pm

Gran Centurions

440 Madison Hill Road
Clark, New Jersey 07066
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. Fee includes classroom-ready materials, continental breakfast, buffet lunch, and a certificate for 6 NJDOE PD hours.

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