Mastering PARCC from Day One (Gr 3-8)

Increasing Student Achievement and Ensuring Testing Success 

This first workshop for educators in Grades 3-8 is being offered EARLY in the school year, in order to allow for optimal success in creating a PARCC-readiness culture in teachers’ classrooms so that instruction can be focused on building PARCC proficiencies in students. Training in the culture of PARCC-preparedness includes;

  • Creating a strategic classroom in which the instructional environment supports students with specific anchor charts, resources and scaffolds linked to PARCC proficiencies,
  • Making adjustments to student writing to address the kinds of prompts they will encounter on PARCC and linking them to existing classroom structures and reading and writing platforms,
  • Making adjustments to existing assessments to better align with PARCC requirements, allowing participants to teach key skills and strategies, as well as assess student proficiency continuously, and
  • Adjusting reading in the classroom to accommodate an increase in Close Reading of Complex Text across daily instruction.

The Schillinger Educational Consultants PARCC culture methodologies are designed work effectively in any curriculum and instructional framework, helping to focus on the core PARCC proficiencies without overwhelming daily instruction with endless “PARCC-practice.” At this workshop, participants will be trained in methodologies to sync the various parts of a school’s curriculum and approaches to universally accepted research-validated best practices to provide the most aggressive support possible to students’ learning to succeed on PARCC.

Participants will also be introduced to the concept and practices related to Speed Drills, a unique set of instructional experiences developed to accelerate student PARCC-learning. When used closer to testing (see February 27, 2018 workshop), these drills can increase proficiency quickly and effectively. When these short bursts of targeted instruction are embedded into the curriculum early in the school year, they help to lay the foundation for a long and productive ramp that supports student achievement on PARCC through foundational skills-building. In this workshop, these targeted testing skills have been adapted to be rolled out early in the school year to allow for student acquisition of skills over a longer period of time. Carefully sequenced, these strategies represent a set of activities and lessons designed to break down the PARCC assessment into its smallest, most elemental pieces. They are designed to be used to provide brisk, consistent, exemplary instruction to students for short periods, but with greater frequency. Eventually, these targeted skills and strategies become so prevalent in the students’ daily routines that the students internalize the skill or strategy as a normed part of their learning, therewith making it a permanent part of their schema. Each PARCC proficiency has been converted into classroom activities that can be taught, practiced and assessed.

For participants who have attended our Speed Drills workshops closer to testing in the past, this workshop takes a significantly different approach, training teachers in how to implement targeted Speed Drill-like strategies consistently throughout the year and throughout the curriculum.

Participants will be provided with every resource necessary to develop their PARCC-readiness plan. This will include training and resources linked to revising assessments to better align with PARCC, adjusting prompts, tasks, and the insertion of Close Reading experiences for students to practice reading and analyzing complex texts and writing in response to those texts. Participants will receive a target skills resource packet with over 30 flexible activities and lesson parts and will be trained in how to embed these activities into daily instruction and into the curriculum platforms present in their schools.

Grades 3-8 LAL Teachers, Tutors, Basic Skills Teachers. Special Education Teachers, Literacy Coaches, RTI Teachers or Administrators, Testing Coordinators and Administrators, Cross-Content Teachers (ex. Social Studies and Science)

Rene Schillinger, President, Schillinger Educational Consultants

9:00am – 3:00pm

Gran Centurions

440 Madison Hill Road
Clark, New Jersey 07066
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per workshop. Fee includes classroom-ready materials, continental breakfast, buffet lunch, and a certificate for 6 NJDOE PD hours.

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