Increasing PARCC Proficiency (Gr 3-8)

A Shorter-Range Plan for Effective Test Preparation

This fourth and final Grades 3-8 workshop is designed to achieve multiple core outcomes. There is no longer a great deal of time before PARCC testing, and despite year-long efforts to prepare students for the test, there are still students who are struggling to demonstrate proficiency. This workshop is designed to address the “short ramp” to testing by providing participants with training in a targeted approach, including the isolation of very specific PARCC tasks (Literary Analysis Tasks, Research Simulation Tasks, Narrative Writing Tasks, as well as Evidence-Based Selected Response and Technology-Enhanced Constructed Responses). Participants will be provided with methodologies and materials including graphic organizers, writing frames, advanced organizers, and exemplars designed to provide students with the more specific, direct access to successful responses and approaches to these PARCC tasks.

Schillinger Educational Consultants has developed an instructional approach called Speed Drills, a unique set of activities and lessons designed to break down the PARCC assessment into its smallest, most discrete parts. Each Speed Drill is designed to be used to provide brisk, targeted, strategic instruction to students for relatively short periods, but with greater frequency. Speed Drill skills and strategies become so prevalent in the student’s daily routines that the students internalize the skill or strategy as a matter of course, making it a permanent part of their learning.

This workshop builds substantially on the success that Speed Drills has experienced in many districts and many classrooms. Beyond simply providing more resources (more tasks, more prompts, more assessments), workshop participants will be introduced to a broader range of drills that can be used not only in Literacy and Language Arts classrooms, but also across the content areas, allowing teachers greater flexibility to prepare students as testing grows closer. New to this year’s workshop are Speed Drills linked to vocabulary and word learning, as well as several sets of Speed Drills specifically designed for immediate-impact success with analytical reading and writing.

We offer a full year approach to Speed Drills in our first workshop on October 26, 2017  that will provide opportunities for students to internalize the skills and strategies as a normed part of their learning over the course of the school year. As we now get closer to testing, Speed Drills 2.0 training offered in this fourth workshop is focused on short-term, immediate results.

Workshop participants will receive a substantial amount of instructional strategies designed not only to build PARCC-specific proficiencies, but also to break these proficiencies down into their elemental parts, allowing teachers the flexibility to build instruction that is customized and based specifically on the assessment data that they are collecting. Participants will be provided with the assessments that link directly to the strategies they are being trained in, allowing them to “close the loop” and be assured the opportunity to assess what they are teaching, as well as teach to what the assessment data tells them.

Every individual and discrete PARCC proficiency has been converted into a Speed Drill. Participants will be provided with a set of Speed Drill strategies in a resource packet with more than 50 flexible activities and lesson parts to use consistently to deepen student automaticity and depth of proficiency. increase student achievement.

Grades 3-8 LAL Teachers, Tutors, Basic Skills Teachers. Special Education Teachers, Literacy Coaches, RTI Teachers or Administrators, Testing Coordinators and Administrators

Rene Schillinger, President, Schillinger Educational Consultants

9:00am – 3:00pm

Gran Centurions

440 Madison Hill Road
Clark, New Jersey 07066
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per workshop. Fee includes classroom-ready materials, continental breakfast, buffet lunch, and a certificate for 6 NJDOE PD hours.

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