Focusing on the Core Essentials of PARCC (Gr 3-8) NEW!

Mastering Reading and Writing Strategies to Succeed on PARCC

This newly added workshop for Grades 3-8 is designed to cover important ground related to “drilling down” around the most important strategies in order to be successful on PARCC. There is no longer a great deal of time before PARCC testing, and despite year-long efforts to prepare students for the test, there are still students who are struggling to demonstrate proficiency. This workshop is designed to address this shorter “window” prior to testing by providing participants with training in a highly targeted approach, including the identification of a very specific set of strategies linked to reading and writing that are most closely aligned with PARCC-readiness. Participants will be provided with methodologies and materials including graphic organizers, writing frames, advanced organizers, and exemplars designed to provide students with the more specific, direct access to successful responses and approaches to these PARCC tasks but focusing on core reading and writing approaches and skills that students will have enough time to internalize, even if they have struggled to date.

The reality is that when students struggle the best approach is not to offer an endless series of strategies, none of which will ever be mastered permanently enough to lead to success on a complex test. Rather, by identifying a core set of fundamental reading and writing strategies, participants will become familiar with a different kind of “toolkit” from which to craft powerful and responsive teaching. In reading, the emphasis will be on comprehension, and how best to ensure that students encountering a complex text can comprehend that text well enough to answer rigorous questions about it. Additionally, strategies will be provided for how best to support students when they are asked to analyze two or more texts and write in response to those texts. In writing, the emphasis will again be on the fundamentals, specifically how to develop ideas effectively and efficiently, how to respond to questions directly and clearly, and how to use writing “stems” to signal to the reader your intent and purpose in writing. By focusing on the use of evidence and how best to develop that evidence (through elaboration), we will serve to provide students with a smaller, but highly effective set of tools for conquering PARCC!

Workshop participants will receive a substantial set of fundamental, reading- and writing-specific instructional strategies designed not only to build PARCC-specific proficiencies, but also to break these proficiencies down into their elemental parts, allowing teachers the flexibility to build instruction that is customized and based specifically on the assessment data that they are collecting. Participants will be provided with quick and formative assessments that link directly to the strategies they are being trained in, allowing them to “close the loop” and be assured the opportunity to assess what they are teaching, as well as teach to what the assessment data tells them.

Grades 3-8 LAL Teachers, Tutors, Basic Skills Teachers. Special Education Teachers, Literacy Coaches, RTI Teachers or Administrators, Testing Coordinators and Administrators, Cross-Content Teachers (ex. Social Studies and Science)

Rene Schillinger, President, Schillinger Educational Consultants

9:00am – 3:00pm

Gran Centurions

440 Madison Hill Road
Clark, New Jersey 07066
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per workshop. Fee includes classroom-ready materials, continental breakfast, buffet lunch, and a certificate for 6 NJDOE PD hours.

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