Understanding & Mastering the PARCC

Schillinger Educational Consultants has been a leading provider of standardized testing preparedness in Language Arts and Literacy for over a decade, successfully navigating schools and school districts through training teachers to have all of the tools they need to prepare students for the rigors of standardized assessment. Teachers and schools are being increasingly held accountable for the testing scores of their students, making the tests even more “high stakes” than ever before. With students seemingly more at-risk and under-prepared, this task of adequately preparing students for success on standardized tests has become an even greater challenge.

Schillinger Educational Consultants has developed multiple frameworks for increasing student achievement on the PARCC Assessment in which the core elements include;

  • Training teachers to become experts in the format, structure and all tasks within the PARCC; including the EBSR Task (Evidence-Based Selected Response), the TECR Task (Technology-Enhanced Constructed Response, the PCR Task (Prose Constructed Response), and the End-of-Year Assessment.
  • Ensuring teachers are completely familiar with the components the PARCC will use to assess students’ reading and writing, including the Literary Analysis Task, the Narrative Task, and the Research Simulation.
  • Providing teachers with differentiated lists of the instructional implications of each component and tasks embedded in PARCC – a “matrix” of the core proficiencies necessary to master the tasks on the test.
  • Developing a year-long “pacing” schedule for teachers in order to meet their goals.
  • Providing teachers with all of the resources and tools necessary to prepare students for testing success, including graphic organizers, rubrics, student exemplars and complex text for use in helping students “rehearse” their proficiency in close analytical reading, or effective, extended writing.
  • Demonstrating exemplary PARCC-aligned preparation as a part of the model lessons executed in teachers’ classrooms, providing an authentic environment in which to be exposed to “best practices” in test-preparation.
  • Assisting teachers in understanding the scoring of the PARCC, in order to better understand how items will be weighed and which rubrics will be used under what circumstance, and how.

Schillinger Educational Consultants can also support schools and districts in their analysis of the released anchor papers and the exemplars published by PARCC. These documents are crucial to understanding the proficiencies that are most prevalently assessed during this standardized test, and to developing targeted strategies designed to address those proficiencies.

Knowledge is power, and Schillinger Educational Consultants can provide teachers with the knowledge necessary to master how to prepare students for PARCC, and for general student success. Teachers will need to learn the landscape of the kinds of questions that will be asked, and which standards these new questions and question types are linked to. Schillinger Educational Consultants provides schools and school districts with what they need to know to prepare teachers and students for success on the PARCC and beyond.

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