Mastering Writing within 21st Century Standards

Just as expectations for reading proficiency have increased within the context of 21st Century Standards, the expectations for student writing have increased as well. More so than ever, students are being asked to demonstrate their understanding of both complex texts as well as sophisticated concepts through extended written responses to reading.

To address these increased expectations of student writing, Schillinger Educational Consultants provides training to teachers in;

  • Narrative writing, particularly related to tasks in which writers are asked to rewrite narratives from alternative points of view or perspectives, or manipulate the narrative in ways that demonstrate student mastery over the genre.
  • Argument writing, in which students develop arguments from research and the reading of multiple texts, make assertions from their reading, and support those assertions using evidence culled from multiple sources, blended into a cohesive, well-organized essay.
  • Informational writing, in which students read and synthesize multiple sources of information and effectively distill them into focused research presentations and non-fiction writings.
  • Writing to Sources, in which students learn how to write in response to reading, thinking critically about their reading of text sets and writing analytically in an effort to synthesize those readings.

In addition, Schillinger Educational Consultants┬áis able to provide training in Writer’s Workshop frameworks and strategies, including providing teachers with professional development in the research-validated discrete components of a a workshop model (mini-lessons, small-group instruction, conferencing and writing interventions) as well as comprehensive training in any elements of a Balanced Literacy approach to literacy acquisition.

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