Curriculum Auditing, Alignment and Development

The shift to 21st Century Standards
has required many districts to audit curriculum to ensure comprehensive standards-alignment as well as the inclusion of Close Reading protocols. The ongoing integration of 21st Century Standards with Close Reading, and the need to prepare students for standardized testing such as the PARCC Assessment has required districts to revise or rewrite their curriculum documents to accommodate these significant shifts within the new Standards.

Schillinger Educational Consultants offers diverse and customized services related to a district’s curriculum. These services include comprehensive curriculum audits in which existing district curriculum documents are carefully analyzed and vetted for alignment to 21st Century Standards, as well as inclusion of Close Reading and standardized test (PARCC) preparedness. This curriculum analysis includes a set of recommendations to the school or district related to how to most efficiently ensure complete necessary curriculum revisions as quickly as possible. This often includes recommendations for how best to revise assessments to be more PARCC-aligned, offering more authentic platforms from which to have students rehearse for the PARCC. In addition, Schillinger Educational Consultants trains teachers in the writing, aligning or revision of existing curricula towards 21st Century Standards, including accommodating the key instructional shifts required by these new standards.

Specifically, we offer training and consultation in;

  • Ensuring that curriculum requires students to be exposed to increasingly complex text, and models “close readings” of those texts to carefully analyze its contents.
  • Requiring students to engage in rigorous evidence-based reading of multiple texts, in order to analyze and synthesize these texts in extended written responses.
  • The revision of curriculum documents to accommodate the use of normed instructional strategies related to reading, writing, and vocabulary development.
  • Facilitating the adoption of curriculum frameworks (such as the Calkins Units of Study for Reading and Writing) and their integration with existing curriculum resources, programs and frameworks.
  • Basing close, analytical reading on answering text-dependent questions with evidence-based responses gathered from the text.
  • Learning how to write arguments based on text evidence.
  • The inclusion of PARCC-aligned assessments across curriculum documents.
  • The inclusion of cross-content reading and writing strategies linked to 21st Century Standards literacy learning demands across disciplines.
  • Increasing student academic vocabularies as well as Tier II, high-utility vocabulary words.

Schillinger Educational Consultants provides expertise and assistance at every point along the continuum of curriculum services. This includes composing curriculum units and lessons for schools and school districts, or working with teams of curriculum writers to train them in best practices for generating clear, effective, compliant curriculum aligned to PARCC-like assessments, inclusive of close analytical reading and extended written responses to text. In addition, we provide training to teachers in “syncing” their curricula with 21st Century Standards to ensure their implementation within the curricular and instructional requirements of these standards in order to increase teacher capacity and student achievement.

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