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Our mission is to provide targeted,  research-driven, effective professional development training in the area of language arts and literacy, to educators in grades K-12. Informed by the best that theory has to offer, but firmly planted in practical application, the work of Schillinger Educational Consultant is current, strategic, and yields positive results quickly.

In order for schools and school districts to successfully align, curriculum, leadership, and the implementation of the key elements of Standards-aligned instruction, as well as prepare both teachers and students for the new, rigorous and complex assessment tasks associated with high-stakes testing such as  PARCC (Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Career), they must invest in teacher training and professional development. With so many substantive changes apparent across the educational landscape, professional development of teachers continues to provide one of the most stable sources for school and district success moving forward – one that schools and districts can convert into student achievement and success. The reality is that there are many competing priorities within districts today, and as a result, it is easy to lose sight of the critical importance teacher training plays as the engine of student achievement. Our mission is to create master teachers, so that they can help to shape successful learners.

Schillinger Educational Consultants offers a wide and diverse array of consulting services, specializing in the area of Language Arts and Literacy, as well as cross-content, standards-driven literacy acquisition – something that is increasingly critical with the comprehensive transition to the Common Core. With content areas “sharing the responsibility” of literacy acquisition, all teachers must implement core best practices in literacy learning. These services can be contracted individually, in diverse combinations, or can be customized, depending on the specific needs of the client school or school district. Research clearly indicates that the phenomenon that has the greatest impact on student achievement within the classroom is having a well-prepared, highly-effective teacher working with students. The professional development offered by Schillinger Educational Consultants is designed with this in mind, and informed continuously by the methods teachers must acquire in order to be well-prepared and highly effective.

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