Shown below is a partial list of schools and school districts that Schillinger Educational Consultants currently serves or has served on-site or through our professional development workshops during the 2017-2018 school year.

  • Edgewater Park Township School District (NJ)
  • Equality Charter School (NY)
  • Hillside School District (NJ)
  • Jersey City Public Schools (NJ)
  • Linden School District (NJ)
  • Mansfield Township School District (NJ)
  • Middlesex School District (NJ)
  • Montville Township School District (NJ)
  • Palisades Park School District (NJ)
  • Southampton Township School District (NJ)
  • Swansea Public Schools (MA)
  • The Neighborhood Academy of Pittsburgh (PA)
  • Washington Township School District (NJ)

Our specialty is providing on-site, embedded, full-day professional development training in the areas of Language Arts and Literacy, including facilitating the development of Close Reading protocols and preparing for standardized testing, such as the PARCC assessment. Please contact us for more information.