Schillinger Educational Consultants is an educational consulting firm specializing in holistic on-site, job-embedded professional development. We focus on training educators in research-based literacy strategies and methodologies as well as best practices for the teaching of reading, writing, speaking and listening, all within the English Language Arts as well as across content areas. Our work is designed to increase student achievement by creating master teachers.

More than ever, teachers are being asked to integrate multiple, layered initiatives, including the ongoing comprehensive implementation of the Common Core State Standards, as well as the inclusion of Close Reading of Complex Text and PARCC-readiness. School districts are pressured to increase student achievement, while the bar for standards and expectations of students continues to rise substantially. As a direct result, schools and districts must respond by developing efficient, effective, and customized methods to deliver powerful teacher training. Schillinger Educational Consultants prides itself in its ability to offer professional development training that successfully meets these goals.

Schillinger Educational Consultants has a proven track record of working closely with schools and districts to customize initiatives that address the specific needs that diverse schools have. We do not believe in the “one size fits all” educational reform, and understand that every school, like every individual student, has particularized and individualized needs.

Schillinger Educational Consultants models demonstration lessons of best practice in the authentic setting of classrooms and has developed a training protocol based on showing educators rather than telling them about the practices that dramatically improve student achievement. Throughout this protocol, developed by Rene T. Schillinger, teachers are guided through a carefully sequenced series of experiences that can permanently improve their teaching capacity. It includes orienting teachers to their observations, executing demonstration lessons of best practice, and debriefing with participating educators to concretize the experience, thereby allowing them to fully internalize the proficiencies that make them better practitioners of their craft and ultimately leads to increased student achievement.

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