Schillinger Educational Consultants is a leading provider ofprofessional development consulting services in Language Arts and Literacy and in the preparation for standardized testing such as the PARCC.  We provide customized site-based, job-embedded PD for educators in grades K-12. Our diverse array of services include comprehensive protocols for building teacher capacity and proficiency based on research-validated methods of professional development, including the key training resource of demonstration lessons of best practice, designed to offer real-time authentic models of successful, dynamic and exemplary methods “in action.”  Schillinger Educational Consultants combines these effective approaches with working closely with client schools and districts to create programs and initiatives that are responsive to their customized needs.

With the expectation that all schools and districts are implementing Standardsaligned instruction as well as facilitating the development of Close Reading protocols and preparing for “new generation” assessments such as the PARCC, Schillinger Educational Consultants is at the forefront of being able to provide comprehensive training to teachers, literacy coaches, curriculum writers and administrators in the best practices related to the implementation of all of these shifts in the educational landscape. By synthesizing effective planning with exemplary teaching methods, the use of diverse assessment tools and data-analysis, Schillinger Educational Consultants is able to assist teachers to become effective practitioners of their craft.

Our goal remains, first-and-foremost, to increase student achievement and to ensure student growth, as well as to help schools meet and exceed their annual benchmarks for success, while preparing them for new, dynamic, rigorous and complex standardized assessments.

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